CCUS ZEN has five objectives that aim to build a coherent ecosystem of CCUS actors in Europe through cooperation and knowledge sharing between CCUS stakeholders in three different European regions.

  • Objective 1

    • Map and understand the nature and longevity of emission sources

    • Identify transport corridors and modalities

    • Assess cost-effective ('bankable') storage capacity in the selected regions

    • Define interactions between CCUS hubs-and-clusters, renewables-based integrated energy systems, and/or circular production modes

    Objective 2

    • Identify and involve relevant end users, public authorities and societal stakeholders

    • Analyse their concerns and needs using appropriate techniques and methods from the social sciences and humanities

    Objective 3

    • Elaborate detailed plans for the integration of CCUS in hubs and clusters linked to CO2 storage sites via hubs, pipeline networks and shipping routes, with due attention to national and border- crossing permits and regulatory issues

    Objective 4

    • Perform initial impact assessments and develop local business models for delivery of CO2 capture, transport, utilisation and/or storage, including the separation of responsibilities across the CO2 value chain

    Objective 5

    • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and know how across CCUS projects, continuing the activities of the existing European CCUS Projects Network