Net zero and beyond: how carbon removal and reduction technologies champion climate targets

Monday, November 1, 2021 - 17:30 to 18:30
COP26 EU Pavilion Blue Zone online event

The CCUS Project Network is delighted to be co-hosting this official COP26 EU side event, alongside the Global CCS Institute and South Pole. There is increasing recognition that faster and more widespread deployment of carbon removal and reduction technologies, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), is vital if we are to achieve global climate targets. In some countries, such as Norway, the UK and the US, there is considerable government support for such technologies; in others there remain barriers. In this session, we will offer an overview of carbon removal and reduction technologies, what they offer and what can be done to accelerate deployment - both the barriers that need to be addressed and the additional support required.

Moderator: Guloren Turan, General Manager Advocacy & Communications, GCCSI


  • Tim Dixon, Director and General Manager, IEAGHG
  • Kari Helgason, Head of Research & Innovation, Carbfix
  • Charlotte Hartley, Stakeholder and Communications lead - Hydrogen, Storegga/Acorn project
  • Christiaan Deynoot, Manager, Carbon Removal Platforms, South Pole

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