The Secretariat

The CCUS Projects Network is managed by a Secretariat, which provides expert support and guidance for project members. The Secretariat is responsible for selecting the projects that comprise the Network and delivering a full range of knowledge sharing, dissemination and advisory activities. It works closely with the European Commission and the Network’s Steering Committee to ensure that members’ needs and interests are provided for while supporting the EU’s climate action ambitions.

The Secretariat is formed of representatives from our consortium partners, who bring in-depth understanding of all aspects of CCUS, strong links with European industry and R&D initiatives and communications expertise to the Network.

The work of the Secretariat is arranged under four distinct work packages, or WPs:

  • WP1 entails overall management of the Network project
  • WP2 includes identifying then selecting CCS/CCU projects and establishing the Network and Steering Committee
  • WP3 covers knowledge sharing, including analysis and knowledge creation together with activities that deliver this within and beyond the Network
  • WP4 comprises digital communications and dissemination activities, including the Network website, newsletter, social media channels and webinars

Practical activities of the Network include information gathering and the production of various reports, briefings, technical thematic studies and high-level annual reports. As part of activities to share knowledge within the Network, we will hold seven onsite knowledge-sharing events for Members and six webinars. We will also set up thematic working groups.

Events directed towards a more general audience will form part of our activities aimed at sharing knowledge out with the Network and promoting CCUS. We also produce newsletters and other dissemination material.

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