Fortum Oslo Varme

Project lead: Fortum Oslo Varme

The Norwegian Government has initiated a full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Norway. The Fortum Oslo Varme waste-to-energy plant in Oslo is one of the two capture projects that are part of the pre-engineering project. The Norwegian Parliament approved a revised national budget for the second half of 2018, which included funding for Fortum Oslo Varme’s projects to begin advanced planning.

The facility plans to capture around 400,000 tonnes of CO2. This will be captured by a post-combustion amine scrubbing plant and then transported by tank truck to Oslo harbour, where it will be loaded onto a CO2 tank ship for transport to an onshore facility on Norway’s west coast for temporary storage. The CO2 will then be transported via pipeline to a North Sea subsea reservoir for permanent storage. Equinor, Shell and Total are responsible for planning the storage facility.