SINTEF Energy Research

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SINTEF Energy Research is part of the SINTEF group, which is the largest independent non-commercial research organisation in Scandinavia. SINTEF-ER, which has 240 employees, is shaping tomorrow's energy solutions, with our research areas that contribute towards the transition to and achievement of future sustainable energy systems. We deliver research-based systems and services that generate values for our clients in Norway, Europe and globally.

Its staff have wide expertise within the entire field of energy research and has been involved in projects related to CCS since 2001, and currently has 40+ researchers involved in projects covering CO2 Capture, transport and value chain analysis. Most of the researchers in this area hold a PhD. It coordinates and manages the Horizon2020 CEMCAP and CHEERS projects. It has recently undertaken study of CO2 capture together with IEAGHG and Concawe in the ReCap project, and coordinates the ERA-NET ACT ELEGANCY project.

SINTEF-ER coordinated the H2020 CSA GATEWAY in 2015-2017, which led to the submission of the Rotterdam nucleus PCI application. It is the host of the industry-driven NCCS research centre (2016-2024), which provides R&I support to full-scale implementation of CCS, and also managed its predecessor BIGCCS (2009-2016). From 2011 to 2015 it coordinated the Nordic CCS network, NORDICCS, and has previous experience coordinating and managing EU FP6 and FP7 projects (ENCAP, Dynamis, DECARBit, ECCO, IMPACTS).

Kristin Jordal, Research Manager

Kristin Jordal is a Research Manager at SINTEF Energy Research, where she is responsible for a research team of 11 people. Her areas of expertise are thermal power plants, with and without CO2 capture, as well as benchmarking of industrial and power processes with CO2 capture. She has a wide experience in project management and coordination of large R&D projects in the field of CCS, with partners from both industry and academia. She is currently coordinating the EU Horizon2020 project CEMCAP and was the project manager of the recently completed Gassnova/IEAGHG project ReCap. She is currently involved in the process of revising the SINTEF Energy Research strategy. Kristin holds a PhD in Thermal Power Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology at Lund University, Sweden, with focus on modelling and performance of gas turbine cycles. She is the SINTEF key contact point on the Secretariat and the lead for Work Package 3.