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Trinomics is an economic policy consultancy, which conducts research and provides policy advice on energy, environment and climate change. Our clients are international, European and national public sector agencies and NGOs. To tackle the world’s sustainability challenges and to support the transition to a low-carbon economy, Trinomics works at the forefront of policy analyses, prospective studies, and recommendations for improved governance and policy-making.

Our research delivers the necessary facts and figures, assesses the potential economic impact of policy decisions, and presents conclusions and recommendations in a clear, concise and accessible way. We help our clients to identify best strategies and policies and provide a knowledge base for their decision-making.

Our experts have carried out projects for various international public sector clients, such as the European Commission’s DG RTD, DG ENER, DG CLIMA and JRC, the European Parliament and the European Environment Agency. Trinomics staff have broad CCUS expertise and have worked on several studies and projects, including the FP7 research project SCOT – Smart CO2 Transformation, the Horizon2020 project CarbonNEXT – the official evaluation of the EU CCS Directive – and several projects for the Dutch government on how to develop a market for CCS.

Our track record includes studies on CCS, carbon leakage policy and competitiveness. We also have considerable knowledge on manufacturing industries, and energy markets, as well as policy pathways towards a fully integrated energy market within the Energy Union.

Hans Bolscher, Project Manager

Hans is a Dutch economist and senior consultant in the field of energy, innovation and climate policy. He is the former director for Climate and Industry at the Ministry of Environment and former Director CCS at Economic Affairs at the Dutch government. As such he was responsible for the first national CCS policy and has since been deeply connected to the national and international CCS and CCU debate.

Hans has worked in an advisory role on CCS for the EU (Evaluation CCS Directive and Future of CCS in EU) and has been member of the two leading European CCU research projects SCOT and CarbonNext. He also works regularly on the Emissions Trading System for the European Commission. From a business perspective, he has worked on CCS as project Director for a NER 300 CCS project. He knows many CCS actors from business, policy and research.

More generally, he has conducted several key energy, innovation and climate reports for the European Commission and others. He is a strategic thinker on market organization in the heat and electricity sector. Hans is often asked to chair and/or moderate international conferences and workshops. Hans is also a non-executive chair for 2 RES companies. Next to fluency in English, German and French, he has a working knowledge of Portuguese.

Jessica Yearwood, Quality Assurance Manager

Jessica Yearwood works as an energy consultant at Trinomics and has over eight years of professional experience in the field. Her areas of expertise are sustainable energy, energy efficiency, energy markets and energy infrastructure. She was involved in the Horizon2020 project CarbonNext, where she assessed different CCU pathways from an economic perspective. She is well versed in EU energy policy and has experience in policy and programme design and evaluation (including both economic and social impacts such as job creation).

Liliana Guevara Opinska, Administrative Coordinator

Liliana Guevara works as a consultant at Trinomics. She has worked on a number of projects with an energy focus for the European Commission (DG RTD, DG ENER). Her recent work includes the Horizon2020 CarbonNext project. In the project she worked on the techno-economic assessment of alternative industrial routes for producing valuable chemicals from CO2 and CO. Liliana is fluent in English, Spanish and Polish and speaks French at an intermediate level.