ATHOS Consortium

Athos Project Consortium: EBN, Gasunie, Port of Amsterdam, Tata Steel

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The Athos Project (Amsterdam-IJmuiden CO2 Transport Hub & Offshore Storage) has been set up with the aim of developing a CO2 transport and storage network in the North Sea Canal area to enable the utilisation and storage of large volumes of CO2. The North Sea Canal runs from the port of Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden. The network will comprise onshore CO2 transport pipelines, offshore storage facilities, and exit- and feed-in points for companies directly connected to the network, or those connected via other forms of CO2 transport.

The Athos feasibility study has shown that a CCUS network is technically feasible in the North Sea Canal area. There are ample empty gas fields under the North Sea to store the captured CO2. The study has also shown that there are no technical barriers to the project and that no new technologies need to be developed. In addition to reusing CO2 in greenhouse horticulture, such as in Westland, there are opportunities for mineralisation and reuse in the form of synthetic fuels.

Graphic by TATA STEEL, Port of Amsterdam, Gasunie, EBN, source: