IMPACTS9 and CCUS Network join forces for second knowledge sharing event

The joint meeting of the CCUS Projects Network and the SET-plan CCS/CCU IWG9 (IMPACTS9 project) took place in Amsterdam earlier this month, gathering representatives of the key industrial projects under way across Europe in the field of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).

During the plenary, the objectives of the CCUS Projects Network as well as the IMPACTS9 project were discussed, and feedback from the EC/ZEP workshop on CCS and the Innovation Fund was provided. At the afternoon working group sessions, which were themed (see below), attendees discussed three crucial topics for CCUS development in detail in order to set the agenda for future meetings and outputs from the Network.

Policy, regulation and public perception
This group discussed preparing for the Innovation Fund call together with blending policy instruments and combining national and European funding. It also had feedback from the International Marine Organisation on London Protocol developments and discussed future public perception activities.

CO2 capture and utilisation / SET-plan CCS/CCU
Discussion was centred around CO2 capture in industrial clusters. This included the importance of messaging on the feasibility of CO2 capture and of getting the numbers right on the environmental impacts of CO2 capture.

CO2 transport, storage and networks / SET-plan CCS/CCU
The three areas discussed in this group covered managing CO2 composition standards in multiuser transport networks, developing operational plans for CO2 storage sites and what is needed to realise CO2 storage pilots.

The next joint event of the CCUS Projects Network and the IMPACTS9 project will take place in Brussels in January 2020. Part of the event will be directed towards the general public. Further details on the exact date and location will be announced shortly on the Network’s website.