Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) is the largest Carbon Capture and Storage research partnership in the UK. The SCCS Team provides a conduit between academia, industry and government. It delivers CCS analysis and synthesis, business development, policy research and engagement, knowledge exchange and dissemination activities to a range of projects and stakeholders. Our partner institutes spearhead innovative CCUS research.

SCCS is a key partner in a number of European projects, including ACT Acorn, ALIGN-CCUS ELEGANCY, DETECT and PreACT. It has led a number of joint projects with high-profile industrial partners – such as CO2MultiStore and CO2-EOR – and has strong links with existing UK initiatives and international projects, including Teesside (UK), Otway (Australia) and Boundary Dam (Canada); it is also a founder member of the Guangdong CCUS Centre in China.

Founded in 2005, SCCS is a partnership of the British Geological Survey, Heriot-Watt University, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Strathclyde.

Philippa Parmiter, SCCS Project Manager

Philippa Parmiter manages the SCCS project and team and the strategic delivery of key outputs. This involves directing and coordinating the different SCCS activities, including knowledge exchange and dissemination, policy and technical analysis, and business development. She also undertakes financial management and reporting, chairs the regular SCCS Directorate meetings and reports biannually to the SCCS Advisory Board.

Philippa joined SCCS as a Business Development Executive and continues to carry out this function, developing successful bids and building relationships with international businesses, policymakers and researchers. She also contributes to outputs such as analyses and reports on industrial hubs and clusters and CCS business models, and to policy briefings and consultation responses. She has also scoped and delivered targeted knowledge dissemination events.

A Chartered Engineer, Philippa has a MSc in Environmental Protection and Management (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Physical Electronics. She has worked for government, academia, an environmental consultancy and for a start-up through to volume manufacturing, resulting in a patent on semiconductor waveguides and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s smallest TV screen.

Peter Brownsort, Scientific Research Officer

Peter Brownsort provides a technical knowledge service to the SCCS Directorate and Team, its partner institutions and funders, including Scottish Government. Using published sources, research and contact networks, he analyses and syntheses information producing reports and briefings for exchange of acquired knowledge.

Since joining SCCS in 2013, Peter has covered many different topics. These have included: industrial CCS, industrial heat, Scottish emissions, capture clusters and transport hubs, CO2 transport – particularly ship transport, Scottish devolution issues, fiscal incentives for CCS, hydrogen with CCS, and negative emission technologies. Pete also manages the web-based SCCS Global Projects Map and database.

Peter’s background is in environmental (BSc) and organic (PhD) chemistry and he has over twenty years’ experience in the chemical industry. In 2009 he completed an MSc in environmental sustainability then worked as a post-doctoral researcher the UK Biochar Research Centre (University of Edinburgh), before joining SCCS.

Indira Mann, Communications & Knowledge Exchange Executive

Indira Mann is responsible for delivering communications for the SCCS research partnership, promoting its expertise, strengthening relationships and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange with stakeholders worldwide. She also delivers content and quality assurance for a variety of SCCS online, digital and printed outputs. A journalist and communications expert with nearly 25 years of experience, Indira manages dissemination and knowledge exchange activities for a number of EU-funded international projects, including ALIGN-CCUS and previously ACT Acorn. For more than ten years, she has worked within the energy and environmental sectors, and joined SCCS in 2013.

Vanessa Mather, IT Support & Digital Communications Officer

Vanessa is responsible for the SCCS website maintenance and optimisation, and for managing the website development of both ALIGN-CCUS and ACT Acorn international projects. She supports a range of dissemination and knowledge exchange activities, including the organisation and running of webinars, technical support during events and the production of online and print design material.

Vanessa started her career 20 years ago as a computer trainer in Brazil and has delivered coaching and training to team members in various organizations. She is currently working towards a MSc in Digital education and has supported academics in the development and delivery of the World’s first CCS MOOC.

Vanessa is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop new up-to-date skills and expertise, and since joining the team in 2014, has fully supported the SCCS team’s effort to promote CCS as a key technology to combat climate change.