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Project lead: Pale Blue Dot

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Acorn is a low-cost, low-risk carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, designed to be built quickly, taking advantage of existing oil and gas infrastructure and a well understood offshore CO2 storage site. The project is located in north-east Scotland at the St Fergus Gas Terminal – an active industrial site, where around 35% of all the natural gas used in the UK comes onshore.

The project is an important catalyst for clean growth in the north-east of the UK and beyond. Acorn SAPLING, which constitutes the infrastructure element of the Acorn project, is an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI). With the right support, Acorn CCS could be operating in the early 2020s.

Acorn’s key features are:

- A major hydrogen and CCS hub at St Fergus

- An economic opportunity for the deep-water port at Peterhead

- A repurposed onshore pipeline to deal with Scotland’s Central Belt emissions

- An international CO2 storage hub in the Central North Sea that unlocks CO2 transportation and storage solutions for other carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) clusters across the UK and potentially Europe.

Infographic: Design and branding developed as part of the ACT Acorn project funded by the Accelerating CCS technologies (ACT) co-fund of ERA-NET under the Horizon 2020 programme