Connecting Europe Facility funding for CO₂ transport

The CCUS Projects Network welcomes the news of support for the development of interconnected CCS across Europe - six funding awards have been made to our member CCUS projects under the most recent Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

CEF funding is only available to listed PCI, which are key cross-border infrastructure projects that link the energy systems of EU countries. Cross-border CO₂ transport networks have only been a category of PCI since 2017, and there are now six such projects, linking the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and Ireland. The largest funding yet, €102M, for a CO2 PCI project has been awarded to the Netherlands branch of the CO2TransPorts project, and member of the CCUS Projects Network, whilst the first CO2 PCI to receive funding, the CO2SAPLING project, again receives funding in this round.

CEF funding has been awarded to:

  • CO2TransPorts, €102M for the PORTHOS CO₂ transport network and €5.8M for the Antwerp CO₂ collection network and cross-border pipeline studies
  • CO₂-Sapling, €7.9M for a cross-border pre-project engineering study (associated with the Acorn project).
  • €3.2M for Antwerp liquid CO₂ export terminal studies (associated with the Northern Lights project)
  • ATHOS, €15.3M for several studies, including concept selection, FEED and environmental impacts.
  • Ervia, €1M for pre-FEED studies on pipeline transport and conditioning of CO₂ for export and indigenous storage; and port facilities for CO₂ import and export.

You can find out more about these projects and how they will help Europe make a just transition to a net zero future, and a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, at our event on 8 December 2020 - Green Recovery: CCUS to support green jobs in industry.

Photo by MORAN on Unsplash